5 Best Domain Registrars to Buy Domain Names

Nowadays domain is the most important thing for a website or online business. So you should be careful about the domain registrar you will buy the domain from.

Keep an eye on these issues, before choosing a registrar:

  • Whether they are giving you full domain access or not.
  • Whether the price is higher than other companies.
  • What will be the charges for the domain from the second year? Many companies sell domain names at a very cheap rate for the first year. But they charge a lot more from the second year. Before buying a domain, have a look at this.
  • How about that company’s customer support


You may get confused if you are buying a domain for the first time that which company should you choose. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Here is the list of top 5 domain registrar.


1. NameCheap.com

Of course, I will give first place to NameCheap.com. NameCheap is the most popular among domain registrars. The best aspect of NameCheap is that the domain prices here are relatively low and their customer support is remarkable in one word. Domain price is usually 8-10 dollars.

In addition to the special days of the year, they offer a special discount on domain prices. Another good feature of Namecheap is that with every domain they provide a Whois Guard free for a year.


2. Name.com

Domain price at Name.com is slightly more than NameCheap, but their support is much better. They provide “Domain Nabber” service so you can buy an expired domain to suit your business.

The domain price at Name.com is usually 11-13 dollars. They also provide free whois privacy.


3. NameSilo.com

Namesilo.com is another popular domain registrar. Low and transparent pricing are the reasons for their popularity.

They do not charge any extra while renewing the domain. Besides, they also offer lifetime free Whois Privacy for all their domains. The domain price at Namesilo.com is between 8-9 dollars.


4. Hover.com

The company started its operations in 2009 and already made quite a name in the domain registrar industry. The process of buying a domain from Hover.com is very straightforward because they sell only domains.

Site back end is also very clean & straightforward. The domain price at Hover.com is usually 10-12 dollars and the renewal charge is 14 dollars.


5. Godaddy.com

Godaddy.com is the most popular among the domain registrar companies. If they buy a domain for two years, they charge only $ .99 dollars for the first year. But their renewal charge is slightly higher.

Their support is also pretty good. There’s a lot of complaints against their hosting service, but they are quite successful as a domain registrar.

I have had my own experience with all of them. The service of all of them is almost the same.

But if you are asked to suggest one of them, then I will say go for NameCheap.com. Their prices and customer support are really cool.


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