How to Save Money while Shopping Online in Bangladesh

People are actually getting busy day by day. So they are losing interest to go to local markets for shopping anymore. So, Online shopping is becoming so popular in Bangladesh.

When you can buy your desired products by some clicks on your smartphone & most of the cases the product price is cheaper than the local market, so why would you go to markets for shopping?


So now come to the point… how would you save some money while buying online?

1. Compare Prices

The great advantage of online shopping is you have the oportunity to
compare the prices of the product of various shops within a very short time.

So, when planning to buy something from online stores, take some time and do a google search. View the prices of the product from reliable stores and take your dicision where to buy.

2. Search for coupon codes

Online stores provide coupon codes to drive more customers
to their store. These coupon codes can save you upto 50% and even more.

These coupons can be found in different coupon sites. is
one of the best places to get a coupon code. Go to Search for the store. You will find different codes. Check which one works best for you. Grab that & use it at checkout.

Sometimes you don’t need to use coupons, find special deals at offerage. When you click the deal’s link, your offer will be activated automatically.

3. Look for cash back

Local payment gateways & payment services (like SSLCommerz, Bkash, Rocket etc.)sometimes offer cashbacks if you use their services to pay while shopping online.

You can do a simple google search
for the information or you can visit their websites.

4. Ask for discounts

If you can’t find any one of the above, then contact the store owner
& ask for a discount. Though most of the online store’s product prices are fixed, sometimes store owner might show respect if you ask directly.

If it’s a digital product like audio, video, themes or something like that you have a great chance to get a discount. But if it is a physical product, the chance is very low. So what? Just ask.

5. Look for a Campaign

Most of the cases the stores offer 10% or 20% if you join
their mailing list. So, visit the store’s website properly whethere there’s any campaign like this exists or not.

6. Get free shipping

Most of the online stores charge addition 70-100 tk for shipping the product to you. Online stores offer free shipping when someone cross a buy limit. So You can buy some more products what you need in future at a time to get the free shipping opportunity.

7. Wait if you can

Online stores offer better discounts around holidays and festivals.
Thus wait, if you can.


These are the tips to save some money while shopping online. Here is another pro tip. It may be or may not work everytime, but you can try.

Add products to cart, go to the checkout page and leave the store. Most of the store owner don’t like to see undone order. They take several steps to get you back to their store and make you complete the order. Offering something or give a discount is one them.

So, if nothing mentioned above works for you, you can apply this method. Most of the cases, it works. 😀

So here is the tips. Hope it will help you save some money. Happy shopping and don’t forget to visit for coupons and deals.

Actually you can find any type of offer updates mentioned above at


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